Materials and manufacturing


Added Scientific

Added Scientific are partners for the design, materials selection, process development and understanding of Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing processes.

Taraz Metrology

Developing the world’s most advanced optical metrology systems focused on industrial-grade additive manufacturing. We offer the same confidence that manufacturers have for CNC parts for 3D Printing.
TextureJet Blades

TextureJet Ltd

Redefining Surface Preparation. Providing an in-factory solution, simply, cleanly and with minimal environmental impact. TextureJet is delivering a tooling platform that offers an attractive alternative to existing technologies for roughening, etching, polishing or structuring of surfaces.
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Cheesecake Energy Ltd

Cheesecake Energy is developing advanced thermal and compressed air energy systems to store energy from intermittent renewables, turning them into reliable power on-demand.
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transforming electronics for sustainable transport and energy systems
Terra Motion 2 Boddington Mine

Terra Motion Ltd

Terra Motion produce digital maps of ground motion that are unique in their ability to comprehensively cover all environments and all landscapes. Their APSIS technology is based upon the processing of enormous stacks of satellite radar data and is able to provide millimetric accuracy for natural and urban features alike.

Scintam Engineering

We work across many industry sectors providing multi-purpose tools for a range of applications. We design custom solutions in-house for particularly challenging applications.
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Reactive Fusion Ltd

Reactive Fusion is a hybrid Additive Manufacturing technique producing parts and component in a method similar to Binder Jetting, importantly our technology produces components direct from the build in engineering grade Polyurethane materials.

Promethean Particles

Promethean Particles work with customers to design, develop and manufacture a wide range of bespoke inorganic nanoparticle dispersions for multiple industry applications. The company has developed a unique, patented manufacturing process using continuous hydrothermal synthesis.