Exonate Ltd

Exonate develops and licenses Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors (VEGF) control agents that may be used as therapeutics in areas such as pain control, macular degeneration and cancer.

NuVision Biotherapies

NuVision has developed a unique way to process and preserve amnion which can be applied to the surface of the eye to promote healing of ‘front of eye’ disease and trauma.


Scancell's mission is to develop products that stimulate the immune system to treat or prevent cancer.


Oncimmune has developed a powerful new approach to the early diagnosis of primary cancer, cancer recurrence and the clinical management of cancer.
Blueskeye JoyWithPhone

Blueskeye AI

BlueSkeye AI’s mission is to improve wellbeing and patient outcomes by building objective, accessible, scalable, affordable mobile device apps for mental health monitoring and putting them in the hands of the public as well as medical professionals.
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Cerca Magnetics Limited

Cerca offer the world’s most advanced functional brain scanner – an integrated lightweight, ergonomic and wearable device that will offer an unparalleled window on human brain function, in health and disease.

Neurotherapeutic Solutions Ltd

Neurotherapeutics Solutions Ltd is a medical device company targeting neurological disorders with an initial focus on products to empower individuals with Tourette Syndrome to control their condition without surgical or pharmaceutical interventions.

Locate Bio

Locate is based in MediCity and has developed a family of unique, thermally-activated, injectable scaffolds that solidify within the body and can be used to support tissue growth before degrading away.

SurePulse Medical Ltd

SurePulse Medical is developing highly accurate heart rate measuring technology designed specifically for babies who need stabilisation or resuscitation at birth.