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This patient was at risk of the removal of their eye and orbital contents. However, an autolimbal transplant was performed using donor limbus from the other eye and the ACER technique with Omnigen. ​


Our latest #Tomato glasshouse trial is looking great, even better with the sunny mornings we've been having! Take a look at what our technology can do for you, and the environment #NitrogenFixation #Biologicals

It's #WorldEnergyStorageDay where we celebrate the contribution of energy storage in enabling a clean energy future. Check out the latest edition of our Energy Storage Landscape to keep updated with the ever-changing industry 🌎

Energy Storage Landscape

Check out the latest edition of our Energy Storage Landscape to keep updated with the ever-changing industry.


TextureJet has moved! We have moved to a new 4500sqft facility in Bulwell, Notts. After outgrowing our previous 1000sqft facility within 18 months, we now have increased both operations and office spaces to support our long-term growth.
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Exonate are delighted to announce that our COO Dr Loic Lhuillier will be taking part in the Panel Session ’How to negotiate Big Pharma’ 9.30 at BioForward 2021, which provides R&D business leaders with knowledge and skills required to achieve commercial success.

Vision impairment is formally defined as best-corrected visual acuity of 20/70 or worse in both eyes.  

Using human Amniotic Membrane-Derived Dry Matrix (AMDDM) in the form of Omnigen® delivered with OmniLenz®, 86% of patients with PED vision remained stable or improved.

We're donating some seed to @Stonebridgecit1, it's a great place to come and feed the animals as well as see the fantastic gardens (there's a playpark for the kiddies too!)

A clinical trial focusing on the use of Human Amniotic Membrane-derived Dry as a management option for Persistent Corneal Defect saw 66.6% of aniridia patients had complete or partial healing.

We are currently on site at Young Epilepsy in Surrey installing our second commercial OPM-MEG system!

More pictures to follow over the coming weeks.

@youngepilepsy @UniofNottingham @Sensors_QTHub #EpilepsyResearch

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In the recent clinical study, the average application duration with Omnigen® delivered in an outpatient setting was between 12.3 and 22.4 days for healed patients.  
Source: https://bit.ly/3i9p8DG

The use of OmniLenz® applied Omnigen® in a recent clinical study reported 63% of neurotrophic corneas had completely healed, whilst a further 23% partially healed. ​
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