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We're excited to be taking part in the Cold Atoms for Quantum Technologies Conference - Register free today! https://spie.org/PX/registration/?SSO=1

The @WTiNInnovate show is happening this month! We look forward to being able to share our knowledge and support both new and existing customers to create #nano solutions that can make a difference in the performance of their final product. Find out more: https://bit.ly/2GaMFUc

Some fascinating stuff coming out of our labs recently looking into #Diazotropic bacteria and root architecture #NitrogenFixation

We are really thrilled to have an article on our smart shoes included in the September issue of @knittingtrade! It’s really cool to see others as excited as we are about our pressure sensing technology 😀

#smartshoes #smarttextiles #innovation #knitting

EventMAP works across a range of sectors. Check out how our optimisation software and consulting services have been effective within the college sector – here are some of the projects we’ve completed: http://ow.ly/n6vg50B74MR

#DYK the process currently available to power plants for #CO2 #capture is highly inefficient and consumes around 30% of the power it generates? Find out how our latest grant project is working to combat this by creating a more #sustainable process: http://ow.ly/N3Jj50BBnVY

We’re working on an innovative research programme, the CARMOF Project, alongside 15 partners from around the world to help reduce the planet’s CO2 emissions. Find out how our efficient and cost-effective nanotechnology supports the programme: http://ow.ly/6TEc50BBmvV

We have recently shortlisted for an IChemE Global Award for our ICEMART project. While winning the award would be a great achievement, we're proud that the ICEMART partnership has been recognised in this way for its research and innovation. Find out more: https://bit.ly/3ceVyYX

Do you have dry eye disease? Aston University is now recruiting for a clinical research study for a new treatment that aims to significantly reduce symptoms of dry eye and provide long-term relief. Please share... #dryeye #dryeyedisease #ophthalmology https://www.nu-vision.co.uk/news/doors

This post discusses how space utilisation studies have given rise to applications that are being used to optimise the use of space in work environments post pandemic: http://ow.ly/AcYG50BFc72

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust engage with us to develop new Outpatient Booking System. Read more: http://ow.ly/8LLV50BD60o

The @nemosineproject includes the development of #nanomaterials to adsorb acetic acid, anti-fungal agents to prevent microbial build up, and sensors to detect humidity levels within #archived #storage. Find out how our #innovative #technology contributes: https://bit.ly/3hSMefc

Our latest developments in MOFs are contributing to the creation of a highly efficient and cost-effective process of CO2 capture. Discover how our unique technology aims to help the world and future generations by following the link: http://ow.ly/AM6950BBm3u #innovation #MOFs

Really excited that our CEO,
representing us at #biotrinity conference 28th April-1st May, joining a fantastic line-up of speakers and is featured in a 30-minute case study showcasing her career path, business strategy and the importance of a strong team

ICYMI - Promethean is up for an IChemE Global Award! We have been shortlisted in the research project category for our work to develop anti-ice coatings. The results will be announced on November 3rd, wish us luck! Find out more: https://bit.ly/3ceVyYX

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