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SurePulse are running a webinar entitled "Neonatal Heart Rate Technology Review" on 21st June 2021 at 9am-10am BST

The webinar is hosted by MEMP Ltd and carries 1 CME/CPD point.

Register at https://www.surepulsemedical.com/webinar

#vitalsigns #neonatal #heartrate

We want to say a BIG thank you to all our volunteers!! @BlueSkeyeAI Volunteers help us to create #ethicalAI solutions that improve #patientoutcomes #valuebasedhealthcare #volunteering and of course we warmly welcome new volunteers, get in touch here:

Become a Data Volunteer - Help Mental Health Diagnosis | Blueskeye AI

Become a data volunteer and a part of our efforts to improve mental health and how its diagnosed through advanced face analysis


At Exonate we are celebrating pride month by highlighting LGBT+ Scientists who have and continue to make the world a better place with their innovations and discoveries.โ€ฏ
#PrideMonth2021 #Pride2021 #prideinstem

SurePulse is presentating on 26th May at 12:15pm. Register to attend this great conference! #neonatal #investment #virtual

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