Staff Roster Solutions

Staff Roster Solutions develop, licence and support world-leading workforce scheduling engines. The algorithms and solvers at the core of the engines have been researched and developed over a number of years, including many years of PhD-led research at the University of Nottingham. 


EventMAP provides tailored consultancy and software packages that enable large organisations to optimise every facet of their resource planning and management, timetabling, scheduling and workplace change activities.

Our solutions, which optimise the complex interactions between these activities and create significant and lasting increases in operational efficiency, have been built around a combination of on-the-ground experience and powerful, flexible software tools based around EventMAP’s revolutionary OPTIME algorithmic scheduling engine.

Blueskeye AI

BlueSkeye AI will create new opportunities in the health and well-being sector and streamline healthcare provision through accurate, objective diagnosis, improved treatment recommendations and longitudinal monitoring of patients across the globe.