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Locate is based in MediCity and has developed a family of unique, thermally-activated, injectable scaffolds that solidify within the body and can be used to support tissue growth before degrading away.





Regenerative medicine
School of Pharmacy


The TAOSTM (Targeted, Orchestrated Signalling) technology is a world first in tissue repair and enables the precision focus of therapeutic signals from small molecule or biological actives at the site of repair. TAOSTM has many potential application sites across the body.

Pipeline technology includes RPMax, a thermo-reversible matrix, and IntraStem, a new delivery system for cells; technologies that can meet industry recognised needs to advance cell therapy markets such as transfection, genome editing and induced pluripotent stem cells.

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Our mission is to provide next generation products, both as tools and treatments, that will allow regenerative medicine to realise its potential. Our proprietary TAOS and Intrastem technologies give Locate a unique opportunity to develop and enable the next generation of cellular and gene therapies.
Dr Robin Quirk
Robin Quirk
Chief Operating Officer