University spin-out to cut hospital waiting lists with new products

Nottingham experts who designed new eyesight-saving technology are to launch more products which could speed up treatment while reducing the impact on hospital waiting lists and patient visits following COVID-19 restrictions.

NuVision which is based at MediCity, Nottingham, has developed the designs from human amniotic membrane donated from caesarean sections. One membrane can potentially save up to 200 peoples’ eyesight and the products can also be used to save animals’ eyesight.

In September, NuVision will launch Omnigen C, for use together with OmniLenz, a bespoke contact lens for the in-clinic application of amnion. This procedure takes just five minutes and will help medics treat ocular surface diseases immediately.

Ophthalmology consultant Mayank Nanavaty from Sussex Eye Hospital, Brighton, said: “Omnigen can be used to protect and help restore peoples’ eyesight, it can help with any inflammation and it’s as quick as a contact lens fittings. Omnigen can be used in ‘walk-in’ or ambulatory patients and its use can avoid the need for surgery for certain conditions”

In a post-COVID world, NuVision wanted to create something to speed up health procedures, as well as reduce the need for consultation, visits or scheduled surgery time, while improving outcomes for patients.

It can be used for chemical or thermal burns, new or long-term ocular defects, dry eye disease and ocular inflammation.

Omnigen helps NHS and veterinary ophthalmologists who treat damaged corneas with an immediately accessible, consistent high quality and reliable product.

NuVision is one of 23 spin-out companies supported by Nottingham Technology Ventures, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Nottingham and is based in the Ingenuity Centre at the University’s Innovation Park.

Dr Andy Naylor, the CEO of NTV, said: “NuVision is driving innovation in the field of biotherapies and is a superb example of the of the University’s spin-out portfolio.

“Health research remains an important priority for the University and it is very exciting to see NuVision deliver technology to market underpinned by University intellectual property.

“The amnion products can be life changing for many people, and transformational for clinicians and lessen the burden on patient waiting lists.”

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