Terra Motion Ltd

Satellite sensors are able to measure the motion of the land surface to millimetric precision.  Using their APSIS technology, Terra Motion are uniquely able to extend current capabilities into the rural environment, thereby offering the means to comprehensively survey remotely in all climates and latitudes.  This offers a powerful and unmatched capability to support a whole range of applications, including planning, insurance, asset monitoring and climate change, at local, regional, national or international scales

Terra Motion are a partner in the United Nations Global Peatlands Initiative (https://www.globalpeatlands.org).

Cheesecake Energy Ltd

Cheesecake Energy is developing the world’s greenest energy storage technology, lowering the cost of long-duration energy storage, and turning renewable energy sources like wind and solar into reliable, on-demand power. Our breakthrough system uses thermal energy storage and compressed air to achieve costs that are 30-40% lower than that of the cheapest batteries currently available, by repurposing long-lasting, proven industrial components with existing automotive, oil and gas equipment supply chains.

TextureJet Ltd

Texture Jet Ltd is delivering a tooling platform with world leading capability to selectively change the surface texture of components resulting in streamlined production lines. 

We offer an attractive alternative to existing technologies for roughening or etching of surfaces leading to reductions in factory and toxic footprint and operational costs. 

Our end to end solution for surface texturing will deliver both off-the-shelf as well as bespoke machine tools which can be developed on-site in collaboration with OEMs.