Apollomics Inc.

Apollomics is an innovative biotechnology company focusing on the discovery and development of oncology therapies with the potential to be combined with other treatment options to harness the immune system and target specific molecular pathways to inhibit cancer.


FaHRAS is a sophisticated evidence-based software system that enables the user to build and store a family history, however simple or complex, and to run a variety of analyses against their family history to quantify their risk of developing breast cancer in a rational and efficient manner.

The ReMEDI Project Ltd

In the ReMEDI Project, BAME staff and students reverse mentor senior staff in the NHS and Universities improving inclusion and organisational culture. Assoc. Prof Stacy Johnson is designing tools and systems for evaluation of EDI that are sector-specific including for the NHS which does not currently evaluate EDI frameworks. The EDI know-how that has been developed is now being commercialised through applied research informed consultancy work, impacting policies on organisational culture.